Photography and digital drawing.


Analemma Mandala

analemma mandala sky small

The start of a new project. Photography and digital drawing.


Creative journalist and fellow DMU Fine Art alumna, Melissa Fletcher, recently interviewed me about my artwork.

Check it out her on blog here.

The Mighty Creatives – Young Ambassadors

To celebrate The Mighty Creatives ‘Mighty Team’ launch, I was invited along in October to join three other young people from Leicester to form the ‘Young Ambassadors’.

We were given a brief/role to help raise awareness of and speak up for young entrepreneurs to represent their views, wishes and feelings on their right to access the support required to lead successful businesses in the 21st century.  In response, myself and the other TMC young ambassadors met on three different occasions for a total of twelve hours and prepared, for the 13th December, a presentation and pitch about future digital resources, including interviews, videos and a survey to explore the experiences and stories of young peoples’ work and enterprise.  Eventually, we aim to create real opportunities and represent the unheard voice of our generation.

Alongside the Ambassador role, I have also started training as a Young Mentor, to provide peer support to help young people who require assistance in overcoming barriers and identifying opportunities to achieve their full potential both in life and through their work.Young Ambassadors – “Creating real opportunities and representing the unheard voice of our generation.”

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Satellite Series

Z Series

z2     z3

z4     z6

z1     z5

Top: Giraffa Camelopardalis -Z, Pharos -Z

Middle: Neb -Z, The Mermaid -Z

Bottom: Dala Horse -Z, The Hummingbird and Ptera -Z

‘My Constellations’ series

Using the freckles from different areas of my body, I have created my own personal constellations.

dala horse frame a      Giraffa camelopardalis frame a

Neb frame a      pharos frame a

The hummingbird and ptera frame a      The Mermaid frame a